Hydrant models for Historic Preservation
Districts of North America - Part 2

Wet Barrel Hydrants

James Jones bronze hydrants
Vintage: Modern

Although the hydrant shown here is of a recent computer aided design, it is manufactured in bronze, a very traditional material for the fire service. One project engineer we know chose it for it's "retro" look. Another engineer specified it for a high-end project.

For sales information, contact James Jones

Photo © 2001 Leslie Lamiele

Rebuilding wet barrel hydrants for historic preservation.

Union Iron Works  (Hydrant restored by Oakland Fire Dept.)
Vintage: 1880s

"What I might suggest is that, at least in areas where frost is not an issue, actual historic old hydrants could be reconditioned for reinstallation. Stockton, California, for example, reconditions hydrants that are nearly 100 years old and puts them back on the street. I understand that the SFFD rehabs hydrants that are even older."
-- Willis Lamm

For further information on wet barrel restoration,
visit MOFD Hydrant Reconditioning Program.

Photo © 2001 Willis Lamm

Reproductions via Lost Foam Casting?
Coffin Valve
Photo © 2001 Jeff Kaminski
Kennedy Valve
Photo © 2001 Jeff Kaminski
Chapman Valve
Photo © 2001 Jeff Kaminski
Unknown, Japan
Photo © 2001 Takehiro Adachi

The 4 designs above from the 1800s are not currently produced, but...

From Terry Austin, of LostFoam.com:

"...Incidentally, we are capable of making historic hydrant castings one at a time without the expense of special tooling. To do this we need the drawing or a sample part. The lost foam method results in a very accurate replica of an antique hydrant and is workable. If someone were looking for such an item for a restoration project, I can supply quotes and an assessment of the project. Individual castings are relatively expensive but the savings in special tooling does offset the casting price..."

For further information, contact LostFoam.com.

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