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Salvaged hydrants pose dangers via their heavy weight, top-heavy tippiness, sharp edges, and the potential of old hydrants to be coated with hazardous lead paint. Listed here are sources for lightweight replica hydrants made from plastic, foam, polyester / fiberglass, etc. Some of these realistic looking hydrants have appeared in feature films.

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Replica Hydrants for Sale

This company sells a polyethylene replica of a Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Co. model M2 fire hydrant, in a variety of colors.
This company sells precision molded fire hydrants (made to order, colors of your choice).
The firefighter training hydrants consist of many parts like the real thing.
Mueller Improved, at left, and Waterous W59 "shorty", at far right.


Great American Trading Company
manufactures this polyurethane replica of a Rensselaer Valve Co. "Corey" hydrant.


The UK based Fire Brigade Shop can supply a
Kennedy Valve K-10 hydrant of fiberglass:

Contact: Bob Bateman

This person will custom make replica hydrants of fiberglass for any model original hydrant (or other object) you can supply:

Contact: Matt James

Replica Hydrants for Rent

This Dallas, Texas, prop shop can supply two types of fake plastic hydrants:

Ciné Shoppe

This Canadian prop shop can supply a semi-realistic fibreglass hydrant:

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