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Additional Photo Features

We are always looking for hydrant photographs. Photos of hydrants not yet documented at this site, and photos of equal or greater quality than those already posted will be given top priority. If you would like to submit a photograph, please visit our photo submissions page.

Historical Perspective

A Brief History of the Fire Hydrant

History of Tucson Arizona hydrants   by Lynn Baker

15 Fire Hydrants (1850-1900)

Vintage Hydrant Photos

Wooden Hydrants

Women Can Operate

Vintage Catalogs and Advertisements

1877 R.D. Woods Catalog

Salesman's Samples

Hank Bergson's collection

Lane Clark's collection

Photo Essays / Montages

New Hydrants of Iraq

Hydrants of the Mojave Desert

Hydrants of Bergen, Norway

Hydrants of Portugal

Hydrants of Japan

Hydrants of Taiwan

Hydrants of Finland

Hydrants of Reykjavik, Iceland

Hydrants of Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Eddy, are you kidding?

Flushing a Hydrant

Bicentennial Colors: South Bend, Indiana's, Hydrant Painting Project

Bicentennial Hydrant Photos from 1976

24 Hydrants in a Row

Water and Yard Hydrants / Streetwashers

Flint & Walling

Lost and Found

Unidentified Fire Hydrants

List of Known But Undocumented Manufacturers

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