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The City of Chicago designed this hydrant in the year 1916. These hydrants have been made by several manufacturers over the years, including, but not limited to, East Jordan Iron Works (EJIW), Kennedy Valve, and The Mueller Co. This design is currently produced by at least one maker, East Jordan Iron Works.

In the early years the City of Chicago provided city owned foundry patterns to the manufacturer who won the hydrant contract, and it is unknown which companies made the many hydrants still in service which are marked simply "CWW". Later hydrants apparently are all embossed with the manufacturer's name and the year of manufacture. Models in service are either smooth in appearance or slightly fluted.

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  "Chicago Standard Fire Hydrant"
This hydrant is also called the "Double 4 Inch Hydrant" in reference to the size of its twin steamer nozzles. Drawings show that this hydrant has a 6" main valve opening.
Chicago Spec Drawing 2166
Mfr: "CWW"
Dated: (none)
Note vandal protection
(See close-up)
Dated: 1988
Mfr: Mueller
Dated: ?

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