Fales & Jenks Machine Co. - Pawtucket, RI
Fales & Jenks was founded by David Gilmore Fales in 1830 in Central Falls, Rhode Island. The company manufacturerd spinning frames for the cotton industry. In 1833 the company bought the rights to produce the "Hubbard Patented Rotary Pump". These pumps were apparently produced for many years: a report from 1905 mentions that a Fales & Jenks #5 pump was used to supply water for a Grinnell automatic sprinkler system.

In 1866 the company was moved to Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Ten years later the company became known as The Fales & Jenks Machine Company. The product line included cotton mill machinery, water meters, water wheels, and fire hydrants. It is unknown when the hydrant shown on this page was produced.

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There is one known model of Fales & Jenks hydrant. It was designed with a 2 piece enclosure that covered the hydrant when not in use; rather similar to some European designs. The lower portion of this enclosure is evident in the left photo below.
  • The two 2" nozzles are internally gated.
  • No embossing is present on this hydrant which would indicate manufacturer, valve opening size, or vintage.
  • 1477
    Note: lower enclosure in place
    Note: full view of hydrant
    Note: with cover in place

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