M. Greenburg's Sons - San Francisco, CA
Part 2
Morris Greenberg was the inventor of the "California" wet barrel fire hydrant. Learn more about Greenberg fire hydrants by visiting the following link : http://www.sfmuseum.org/hist8/greenberg.html
Except as noted, restored hydrants are from the Willis Lamm Collection. Locations indicated are where the hydrants were originally in service.

  Mid-20th Century Developments
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The valves and nozzles on the original hydrants were seated in lead. The hydrants were provided with flanged bonnets to permit access inside the hydrant to service valves and replace seals. This idea worked well so long as the repairman didn't drop parts or tools down the hydrant body. Eventually designers came up with iron alloys that threads could be cut into reliable. This improvement meant that the nozzles could be threaded on and removed with a wrench to access valve faces for repairs.

Breakaway stems were a new option. A clapper valve section could be part of the riser which was held open by a rod attached inside the hydrant. If the hydrant was knocked off, the clapper could swing shut preventing water damage.

FHO# 0535
Model: EBMUD 71
Date: 1948
Location: Orinda, CA
Photo: © 2000, Willis Lamm

FHO# 0590
Model: 71
Date: 1957
Location: Willits, CA
Photo: © 2000, Willis Lamm

FHO# 0646
Model: SF 74
Date: 1938
Location: Treasure Island, CA
Photo: © 2000, Willis Lamm

FHO# 0588
Model: EBMUD 74
Date: 1945
Location: Orinda, CA
Photo: © 2000, Willis Lamm

FHO# 0126
Model: 74
Date: 1950s
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Photo: © 1999, Jeff Dinkins

FHO# 0604
Model: 75
Date: 1930s
Location: Oakland Army Dpt
Photo: © 2000, Willis Lamm

FHO# 0620
View: 75
Date: 1956
Location: Pacheco, CA
Photo: © 2000, Willis Lamm

FHO# 0513
Model: 76
Date: 1948
Location: Pittsburg, CA
Photo: © 2000, Willis Lamm

FHO# 0155
Model: 76 w/breakaway stem
Date: 1952
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Photo: © 2000, Terence Kennedy

(Hall of Flame Museum)
FHO# 2235
Model: 78 w/breakaway stem
Date: 1965
Location: Watsonville, CA
Nozzles: 2x 4 1/2"
Photo: © 2005, Steve Parmley

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