Glenfield & Kennedy, Ltd.
Hydraulic Engineers - Kilmarnock, Scotland

Little is known to us regarding the history of Glenfield and Kennedy Ltd. From the title of a book, we believe the company was founded in 1865. All manner of waterworks fittings were produced, including below ground fire hydrants, and above ground "standpost" hydrants, one of which is shown here. Their products were sold internationally, and the company maintained offices in London, as well as Calcutta and Bombay, India.

"Our Works are the largest in the Empire specialisisng in the production of equipment for the control and measurement of water. The shops, which themselves cover an area of over 28 acres, are provided with the most modern machine tools, moulding machines, and other equipment for rapid, economical, and accurate production." -- from the 1936 Glenfield & Kennedy catalogue.

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  L20 Street Watering Standpost
Identifying Characteristics: Dry barrel hydrant, controlled via a sluice valve (gate valve). There is no integral mainvalve. The gate valve may be self draining. This hydrant was supplied with "double gunmetal outlets screwed to suit any brigade thread", or it could be supplied with instantaneous outlets; both types of outlets were protected by chained cast iron screwed caps.

  • A single outlet model, the L5, and a model with mild steel internal pipe, the L6, were also produced.

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    Model: L20
    Sluice Valve Diameter: 2 1/2"
    Photo © 2005, Sue and Ian Smith
    Photo © 2005, Sue and Ian Smith

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