Honolulu, Hawaii Spec

The hydrants on this page can be found all over the island of Oahu; not just in the city of Honolulu and its suburbs.

All photos © 2008 John Anderson unless otherwise credited.

  pre-"Honolulu Spec" hydrants
Before the "Honolulu Spec" wet barrel hydrants (shown in the next section below) off-the-shelf internally-gated dry barrel hydrants were used. They have three nozzles; two 2" hose and one 4" steamer. The R.D. Wood hydrants shown in this section can still be widely found in use. Other brands, Eddy Valve and Ludlow (not shown), can only be found in small quantities.

The wet barrel Greenberg hydrant was apparently a transitional hydrant choice for the water department; still an off-the-shelf 3-nozzle hydrant but now in a wet barrel design.
R.D. Wood
Model: (1 pc. barrel)
Nozzles: 2x 2" gated, 1x 4" not gated
Dated: ?
R.D. Wood
Model: (2 pc. barrel)
Nozzles: 2x 2" gated, 1x 4" not gated
Dated: ?
Eddy Valve
Model: List 91
Nozzles: 2x 2" gated, 1x 4" gated
Dated: ?
Photo: © Earle Kealoha, Honolulu Fire Department
Model: No. 76 w/breakaway stem
Nozzles: 2x 2", 1x 4"
Dated: 1951

  "Honolulu Spec" wet barrel hydrants
What we are calling "Honolulu Spec" hydrants are those embossed with "Board of Water Supply, Honolulu, Hawaii". The various spec hydrants shown below are not necessarily all of the brands and models in service.
  • They have two nozzles; one 2" hose and one 4" steamer.
  • Based on the dates noted on the Greenberg No. 76 shown above and the Mueller No. 75 hydrant below the move to a spec hydrant apparently happened between 1951 and 1970.
  • The Board of Water Supply (BWS) embossing can be found on either the side or top of the barrel; depending upon manufacturer.

  • Other than the BWS embossing just what differentiates these spec hydrants from their unembossed off-the shelf counterparts is currently unknown to FireHydrant.org.

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    Model: 850
    Dated: 2005
    (See BWS embossing)
    James Jones
    Model: unknown
    Dated: 1977
    (See BWS embossing)
    Long Beach Iron Wks
    Model: 425
    Dated: 1982
    (See BWS embossing)
    Model: A-480
    Dated: ?
    (See BWS embossing)
    Model: No. 75
    Dated: 1970
    (See BWS embossing)
    Rich Valve
    Model: 68
    Dated: 1982
    (See BWS embossing)

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