John McLean - New York City

Nothing is known about the John McLean company, other than that they produced the flip lid hydrants shown here. Presumably the ornate dry barrel hydrant illustrated below was also produced. If you have any information about John McLean hydrants or the company that produced them, please Contact Us.

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  Flip Lid Style Hydrant
Identifying Characteristics: Flip lid style hydrant, a design dating from the mid 1800s.
  • "Operating Nut" atop the bonnet merely releases a catch for the hinged lid.
  • Hydrant mainvalve is operated by the "T" handle as shown in the photos.
  • The side of the barrel is marked with the letter "D" at the level of the outlets, on both hydrants.
    Photos courtesy of the Greenville Texas Fire Department

  • 2007
    Nozzles: 2x 2.5"
    Date: 1870s

    Nozzles: 2x 2.5"
    Date: 1879
    Marked H.W.W. on the lid, possibly this hydrant was purchased through the city of Houston Water Works.

      Ornate Model
    Identifying Characteristics: This drawing is from WNYF magazine, a publication of the Fire Department of New York. At this moment, it is the only documentation we have of this McLean hydrant. © Courtesy of WNYF magazine.

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