South Park Hydrant & Pump Co. - South St. Paul, MN
Very little is known about this former manufacturer. If you have any old hydrant brochures from this manufacturer, please Contact Us.

  Early Model
  • This hydrant is a clone of the R.D. Wood Mathews Improved hydrant, and is known only from the example shown here.
  • 2488
    Nozzles: 2x 2.5", 1x 4.5"
    Dated: 1911
    Photo: Tony Flandrich

      Later Model
    The model shown below can be found with either of two lower barrel styles:
  • "SOUTH PARK" and a logo above a flat ground line O.D. rib (#s 0038 & 1512), or
  • no wording and no O.D. rib; but a factory weld joint (1513).
    Here is a view of the top of the bonnet which shows the wording.
  • This model bears a striking resemblance to Waterous Co. W31 and W59 models which were made in nearby St. Paul, MN.
  • 1512
    Nozzles: 2x 2.5"
    Size: 4" V.O.
    Dated: ?
    Location: So. Minnesota
    Photo: 2001, J. Anderson
    Nozzles: 2x 2.5", 1x 4.5"
    Size: 5" V.O.
    Dated: 1941
    Location: NE Illinois
    Photo: J. Anderson
    Nozzles: 2x 2.5", 1x 4.5"
    Size: 5" V.O.
    Dated: (none)
    Location: John A. collection
    Photo: 2001, J. Anderson

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