Van Deventer Hydrant

We're not sure if there was an actual Van Deventer company, or if the "Van Deventer Hydrant" was produced only under license. On this page are hydrants with no manufacturer's name embossed on them. The top of the hydrants are embossed "VAN DEVENTER HYDRANT", and can be found with or without threads to fit a wharf head. If you have any information about these hydrants, or have photographs you'd like to contribute of other Van Deventer models, or variations of the models shown here, please Email Us.

Patent #1792945 was issued to Francis M. Van Deventer in 1931 for the L.A. Sleeve type valve construction --- the valve guides are bolted into place via a flange, and can be removed with automotive type wrenches. The goal of this design was the simplification of repair in the field. The patent also covers a self-aligning feature for the valves.

  • Early hydrants are embossed "PAT. APPLIED FOR"
  • Later hydrants are embossed "PAT. 1792945" or simply "1792945"

  •   Van Deventer Hydrants - Manufacturer Unknown
    These hydrants have NO embossing on the barrel and "VAN DEVENTER HYDRANT" embossed on the top.
    Nozzles: 1x 2", 1x 4"
    Note: "straight" barrel
    Embossing: "Pat. Applied For"

    Location: Santa Cruz, CA
    © 2004, Steve Parmley
    Nozzles: 2x 4"
    Note: "gusseted" barrel
    Embossing: "1792945"
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    © 2004, A. McMillan

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