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How much is my old hydrant worth?

As to the value of your hydrant, that is hard to say. Many municipalities sell their old hydrants at scrap value, currently around $0.03 per pound, making the above ground section worth very little. Typical prices paid to water departments for an old hydrant range from $5 to $35 in scrap fees. However, other municipalities sell the above ground portion for much more, $75 in some locations, even higher. Don't pay it, they're not worth that much!

You may assume that some persons who would be interested in buying your hydrant might not want to go to the trouble of hauling a complete hydrant home from a scrap yard or city shop, then spend the time disassembling it, or cutting it off if need be, all of which can be time consuming and moderately heavy work.

Furthermore, the labor necessary to restore a hydrant, if that is what you have done, must also be considered, and is something that not everybody would care to do. Sandblasting costs a pretty penny at retail, paint is not cheap, etc.

In the end, the hydrant is worth what you say it is worth. Just enjoy it.


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